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Special Study Lunch Following Tefilah this Saturday, Nov. 10

On Shabbat Hayyei Sarah, we read of the death of Sarah and the establishment of the first Jewish cemetery in the cave at Machpelah.  Following Shabbat morning services, we will have a workshop over lunch (vegan and fleishig cholent will be provided) to introduce us tho the traditional Jewish path of dying, death disposition and mourning.  This will be the first of a series of teachings over the course of the year and is an overview intended for all who are interested in learning a little something of our rituals at the end of life.  Further sessions are intended for those who are interested in doing the work of k’vod ha’meyt (honoring the dead) and nichum avelim (comforting the bereaved) as part of an organized group of volunteers at Shir Tikvah whenever the need arises, and those sessions will be more detailed.

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