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Hanukkah at Shir Tikvah

 These Lights Are Holy…

Why do we start with one light on Hanukkah, and each night add a candle, rather than start with eight? After all, the miracle of Hanukkah is in the oil that lasted for eight days, so that each day there would be less.

We add a candle each night because each night, the miracle grows greater. Each night we see more clearly the power of light.

Jewish tradition teaches that one never detracts from holiness, but only adds.

During this Hanukkah season, may your light shine brighter each day.

Events with Shir Tikvah

Dec. 8 Hanukkah lighting and songs at Robison

Dec. 8 Hevra Movie Night and Latke Cook Off

Dec. 10 Hanukkah at the Blazers

Dec. 13 Rosh Hodesh Gathering at Robison

Dec. 15 Dedication of the Children and Hanukkah Celebration

Space is limited. To join our celebrations, please contact the office to RSVP and to get all the details:

503.473.8227 or shirtikvahoffice@shir-tikvah.net

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