Shir Tikvah, Portland Oregon
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About Shir Tikvah

Shir Tikvah is…

A Sacred Community — whose practice of liberal Judaism grows from an understanding and love of the tradition on which it stands, centered in Torah.

A Participatory Community — committed to a true partnership between rabbi and laity, a collaborative relationship built on mutual respect, shaped by the spirit of covenant.

An Inclusive Community — where all are welcome to join in creating a Jewish congregational family — an enthusiastic, working, living community of faith.

A Worship Community — where all may take part in celebration of Shabbat and holidays, drawing on fresh as well as traditional approaches to prayer, ritual, Torah, music and meditation, to nourish personal and communal spiritual life.

An Intergenerational Community — in which adults and children learn from each other through study, worship, and a shared love of Judaism.

A Learning Community — which creates with our rabbi abundant and varied opportunities for Jewish study — a study that brings the practice of learning and reflection to all aspects of our existence.

A Caring Community — which guards a sacred space for each soul that enters into it; one responsive to members in need; one actively committed to work for social justice, to join with others in healing a hurting world.

An Innovative Community — in which all aspects of how we come together in community will be open for discussion and consideration on an ongoing basis.

While Shir Tikvah is a corporation under Oregon law, we bear in mind the ideal of covenant as the overarching metaphor in Jewish life. We envision a collaborative leadership between rabbi and members in maintaining a congregation that is financially sound and fiscally responsible.

Ken Yehi Ratzon.

May it be God’s will.