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Avodah – Prayer – Focus

Tefilah, prayer, is an expression of individual spirituality which can be practiced both privately and with the congregation.

Jewish prayer is a discipline which can be practiced daily, as well as on Shabbat and holy days.

Jewish prayer is also an oasis: of relaxation and meditation, of learning and camaraderie.

At Shir Tikvah, our prayers are egalitarian – references to God are gender-neutral, and references to the Jewish people recognize the presence of both women and men in our past and our present.

Our prayers also recognize our link to our people’s culture and history, and include both Hebrew and English translations, and melodies from many different eras and cultures – Sefardi, Ashkenazi, Yemeni, Israeli, and even American Jewish summer camp tunes!

Shir Tikvah prays together every erev Shabbat and Shabbat morning.

The festivals of Pesakh, Shavuot and Sukkot are recognized with an erev hag service on the eve of the holy day, and yizkor is included in that erev service along with our unique Eco-Hallel. All other holy days are similarly observed on the evening of the day on which they occur.

Our tefilot (prayer services) provide an informal, friendly and supportive environment for the exploration of one’s own spirituality in the context of the Jewish community. Each holy day is observed in the spirit of that unique day: Purim includes an adult-only Megillah reading, Hanukkah has a distinctly child-centric feel to it, and Simkhat Torah is our opportunity for an evening of music and dancing with the Torah. The rabbi can also provide guidance and support for the development of an individual’s practice of daily prayers.

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