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The Bayit Committee is hard at work searching for a new home for Shir Tikvah!

Below is their report as of the middle of June.  Watch this space for further information.

Bayit Committee Report 3

June 2012
After more than half a  year of searching for our new home, guided by feedback from our Atid/World Cafe process last summer, the Bayit committee presented two directional options to the Steering Committee in June. The first option: move to another church space–St. David’s of Wales in SE Portland. After looking at over 20 churches, it was clear that St. David’s best met our criteria. The second option: share a commercial space where we would partner with other (Jewish) organizations in a common space. Shir Tikvah would be the “master tenant” and other organizations would use the space for things like child care and after-school Hebrew lessons. The specific space we considered is located at 727 NE 24th Street.

Several important ethics have clearly emerged from our process: first, that sharing space is the most environmentally responsible choice. Second, seeking to partner with other Jewish organizations to further our pioneering presence on the East Side of Portland models a new kind of community ethic: we do not seek to be an island, but to create an open and welcoming home in which all who seek might find a way to enter.

At the May meeting, the Steering Committee provided clear direction to pursue the second option or a similar solution. Based on this, and keeping in mind that while we continue to look for the perfect space, we are committed to reducing our total spaces right away, we are now in the following process:

1. Steering Committee leadership is partnering with Bayit to develop specific partnerships with other Jewish organizations that will share space and cost with us.

2. Steering Committee leadership is in dialogue with Bridgeport to make changes that better serve our needs including aesthetics of space and use of space.

3. The Education Committee is exploring options other than the Emerson School for the Nashira Project next year.

4. Bayit will continue to explore appropriate commercial spaces for Shir Tikvah and potential partners.

Please feel free to contact the office if you have questions. We appreciate your support and patience in this exciting process.

Bayit Committee Report 2
March 19, 2012

As a result of our World Cafe/Atid process last Spring, the Steering Committee of Shir Tikvah has formed a task force which we have named Bayit (home).
I have the privilege of serving as the liaison between Steering and the task force and want to take this opportunity to provide a congregational update.
The task force includes the following congregants as well as Rabbi:
Michael Sestric, Chair
Blake Vigna
Charlie Rosenblum
Bruce Sternberg
We have focused our search process on meeting the priorities laid out in Atid recommendations:
–east side location: the search area is bounded by the Willamette River to 72nd and Powell to Killingsworth
-reduce #of spaces to not more than two
-equal footing in control of space if shared -accessibility
We have engaged congregants to help identify potential spaces and our process is going well. We continue to hold many possibilities in mind ranging from sharing existing religious space with another congregation to building out space to meet our needs and partnering with other Jewish or non-Jewish organizations.
Our first milestone is to present 2-3 options to the Steering Committee at our April meeting.
While our goal is to have new space by High Holidays, we have flexibility and will only move to new so space if it meets our critiera and is a notable step up from our current space.
Questions? Feel free to ask! Contact Alysa at

Bayit Committee Report 1
January 26, 2012

The Bayit Committee was formed by the Shir Tikvah Steering Committee in October 2011 and charged with finding an “accessible east side space that reflects the priorities and values of our congregation and houses the majority of our regular congregational activities”.  We now regularly use four spaces including Bridgeport Community Church for worship and some social activities, Emerson School for Nashira, Administrative Office at NE 40th and Hancock, and several other locations for larger events and worship services.

Following initial organizational meetings, the Bayit Committee began its formal efforts in mid-December by interviewing several congregants involved in the religious, operational, education and organizational aspects of the congregation.  The information gathered during the interviews was evaluated in the context of our existing space uses, square footage needs and activity locations and assembled into a comprehensive Space Search Program.  This Program, together with the published results of the Atid Recommendations and the Task Force Charter issued by the Steering Committee, are framing the work of the Bayit Committee.

The formal search for space began in January.  The search area is bounded by NE Killingsworth to SE Powell Boulevard and the Willamette River east to 72nd Avenue.  With assistance from volunteer congregants and Bayit Committee members, this area was divided into 6 zones to be methodically searched for spaces that fit the broad criteria established in the Space Search Program.  So far we have identified over 70 spaces that include both religious and secular buildings and range in size from approximately 5,000 square feet to over 16,000 square feet.  These will be evaluated against the search criteria and the number narrowed to a “short list” for detailed consideration.

The long list will be narrowed to those facilities that offer the best opportunities to consolidate our programs to the greatest extent possible while remaining within the financial constraints of our operating budget.  Our goal will be to narrow this list to a few good choices and present these options to the Steering Committee in April.

For more information about the activities of the Bayit Committee feel free to email any of the following committee members:

Michael Sestric, Chair,

Rabbi Ariel Stone,

Alysa Rose,

Blake Vigna,

Bruce Sternberg,

Charlie Rosenblum,