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Congregation Shir Tikvah has a wide array of tools available to communicate with its congregants and friends. Currently, these include:

Web Site

Re-designed in 2010, is technically a blog. Amelia Schroth makes additions and keeps it up to date.

Week’s Worth

The Shir Tikvah office produces the Week’s Worth each Monday. Sent by email to all but a few congregants (who receive it via snail mail,) this publication lists announcements and upcoming events.
Announcements you would like to share with your fellow congregants through the Week’s Worth should be submitted by the Thursday prior to publication.¬† Send all relevant information to the office via email. Submission of information is no guarantee of publication.
The Week’s Worth and Rabbi Ariel’s erev Shabbat message are sent out each week to the same people. If you would like to receive them both, contact the office at

Rabbi Ariel’s Erev Shabbat Message

Sent out each erev Shabbat, Rabbi Ariel gives a unique perspective on each week’s parasha. She offers insights to how the ancient teachings have bearing on our modern lives. This and the Week’s Worth are sent to the same people each week. If you would like to receive them both, contact the office at

Nashira News

Produced by the Nashira Project Director, this occasional newsletter keeps the families enrolled in Nashira up to date on events surrounding their program.

Facebook Page

New this year is the Shir Tikvah Facebook Page. If you ‘friend’ Shir Tikvah, you can get the latest edition of our home page directly into your Facebook feed.

Announcements at Services

Steering committee members read announcements at each erev Shabbat services. These announcements often include reminders about upcoming events and schedule changes, activities that Shir Tikvah is sponsoring, and other timely news.

Phone Message

The message on our office phone line gives the times and location of Shabbat and Holiday services. It is changed each Monday to reflect the upcoming week’s schedule.

Emergency Contacts

If you are not a member of our congregation, and are having an emergency requiring a rabbi, please contact Sheri Cordova with the Oregon Board of Rabbis at 503-639-0853.

If you are a congregant, and this is crisis, please contact the office during office hours. After hours, contact the chair of the congregation. Her contact information is in your directory.


There’s also been talk of a community bulletin board for more day-to-day business that you might like to share with a wider audience, such as: tutoring services available, house sitter wanted, etc. If you have a good idea about how that can be easily facilitated, contact the office.

To download a pdf of a Membership Directory Change Form, click on Membership Directory update

After you complete it, you can scan it and email it to the office, or send it through the mail.


To download a pdf of the Automatic Withdrawal Program Form, click  here.

To download a pdf of the survey for the new siddur, click here.