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Descriptions of Tzedakah Tribute Funds

Shir Tikvah Tzedakah Tribute Funds

General Operating Fund: to provide funds where they are most need. This fund helps defray our operating expenses, and can be used to supplement other funds. Donations to this fund are the most flexible for us to utilize.

Yeladim (Children): to provide funds for activities and events that bring our children to Torah and keep Shir Tikvah a family-friendly spiritual home, such as child care.  Under aegis of Hinnukh (Education) Committee.

Hagigah (Holiday/Festival/Celebration): to provide additional funding, outside the General Fund budget, for congregational holidays and celebrations.

Hiddur Mitzvah (make the mitzvah beautiful): to purchase ritual items – candlesticks, wall hangings, ritual objects of all kinds.  Under aegis of Tefillah Committee.

Kiruv (bringing near to Torah): The mitzvah of kiruv, bringing Jews near to Torah, is a foundational reasons for the existence of Jewish congregations: to enable us to learn Torah and teach it to our children. Therefore it is a mitzvah to help a Jew maintain membership in a congregation. The Kiruv Fund is used to extend subsidies to existing and prospective members who are experiencing a temporary financial hardship and need assistance to pay Shir Tikvah’s Fair Share dues. The fund reflects the congregation’s mission to be a caring community. As such, we stand with our members and prospective members in times of financial hardship. We do so in the spirit of the traditional Jewish brit, a covenant in which both sides commit to each other. Directed confidentially by Rabbi and beit din.

K’vod haMeyt (the dignity of the dead): the Cemetery Funds’ purpose is to provide funds for indigent burial, when a member and her or his family does not have sufficient resources to pay the costs of a simple and dignified Jewish burial, and for cemetery improvements and administration.  Currently, administration and maintenance and beautification of our cemetery are shared with P’nai Or through the administrative committee of the Jewish Cemetery at River View, and are self funding through plot sales.  The ST Cemetery Fund receives a few contributions each year and the bulk of the money comes from periodic grants from the JCRV to each community’s indigent burial fund.  Under aegis of K’vod haMeyt Committee.

Limmud (Learning): additional funding, outside the General Fund budget, for learning for all ages. Directed by Rabbi and Hinnukh committee.

Shirah (Music): to support the development of Jewish music resources.

Rabbi’s Discretionary: The Rabbi uses this fund for any congregational purpose, for tzedakah to organizations she deems appropriate, and for direct help for individuals in need of tzedakah in the form of scholarships or other financial help.  It may not be used for purposes which would violate Shir Tikvah’s status as an IRC Sec 501(c)(3) status, such as contributions to or on behalf of political candidates, and it may not accept contributions that are directed to a named individual (donors can bring appropriate uses to our rabbi’s attention, but the decision on how to use the donation rests solely with the rabbi).

Scholar-in-Residence: to bring an appropriate scholar to Shir Tikvah every two years, with a current budget limit of $5,000. Under the aegis of an adult education sub committee of the education committee, and/or of an ad hoc committee established to put together the biennial program.

Sifriya (Library): to support the development of a Shir Tikvah library.  Under aegis of Hinnukh Committee.

Siddur (Prayer Book): to pay for additions, changes and improvements to our siddurim and to purchase or develop a new siddur for the congregation. Under aegis of Tefilah Committee.

Torah: The Torah Fund was used to purchase our first Torah scroll, our Ark, and a few other fixtures, such as the mantles, and of the fireproof safe in which we store the scroll. The fund is also used to pay for the services of a sofer (scribe).  Under the aegis of the Tefilah Committee.

Tzedakah: contributions to this fund, along with our tzedakah boxes, are annually donated to organizations the committee recommends as holding up Shir Tikvah’s values (not including those of the Nashira Project students and the Rosh Hodesh women, who recommend the recipients for their collections yearly). Under the aegis of the Rodfey Tzedek committee.

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