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Food Drive for the Days of Awe

Leviticus 19 tells us: “…Leave a corner of your field for the poor…”

With the High Holy Days fast approaching, the annual Shir Tikvah food drive begins. While our fields are decidedly urban, we can all share a corner of our cupboards with those among us who are hungry.

September is Hunger Action Month across the nation. We join the Oregon Food Bank’s effort to diminish—and eventually end—food insecurity in our community. Last year Shir Tikvah exceeded past years’ donations by raising $1,744 in cash and collecting 595 pounds of food. Taken together, what we raised provided 2,670 meals for people in need. Let’s do better. Let’s surpass last year’s donations of both foodstuffs and cash.

Soon the white OFB barrels will appear at Bridgeport, as well as donation envelopes and handouts describing the most wanted foods and those that are unacceptable.

Bear in mind that actual services will not be held at Bridgeport this year, but rather at the German American Society on 57th at Sandy Blvd. There will be a tent in the plaza with a table (rather than OFB barrels) designated for food donations and cash-bearing envelopes. On non-service days, however, the barrels will welcome your offerings.

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