Shir Tikvah, Portland Oregon
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Join Shir Tikvah

Shir Tikvah is an independent, inclusive congregation of about 140 families in Portland, Oregon, led by a dynamic spiritual leader and a growing group of lay leaders, and we welcome inquiries from prospective new members.

Our membership reflects and embraces a wide spectrum of life choices and past affiliations, and we invite you to attend Torah study, services, Nashira educational programs, holiday observances and celebrations and special events to see if Shir Tikvah is the right fit for you and your family.

As a participant in a small congregation providing a full schedule of worship services and educational programs as well as the full benefits of Rabbinical guidance, each Shir Tikvah member contributes dues in accordance with our Fair Share Dues Schedule in which dues are determined in proportion to the member’s household income.

For membership information please contact Ed Hershey at or call the Shir Tikvah office at 503-473-8227.