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Post Bar/Bat Mitzvah Jewish Learning at Shir Tikvah

The Hevra program is a community-based program of Jewish learning in which students explore different aspects of what it means to be Jewish in the world. Learning and socialization are organized around the three major principles of Jewish life: Torah study, community responsibility, and social justice. Students in all grades 7-12 are welcome to continue their Jewish learning with their Jewish friends through the Hevra group.

Shir Tikvah is fortunate to have Morgan Rich, a Portland-area life coach, working with the Hevra program this year. Every second Saturday night of the month, Morgan will host a movie night – complete with pizza and a discussion of Jewish themes in the film. He’ll amoderate a parent group to help families navigate the teen years with more understanding, compassion and enthusiasm. Morgan will coordinate with parents and other members of the Shir Tikvah community to identify other learning and service opportunities for youth.

The third Saturday of every month, Rabbi Ariel Stone invites Hevra to meet with her after services for a special Torah study and brown bag lunch. Students will receive a copy “Text Messages: A Torah Commentary for Teens”.

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Hevra prepping the Sukkah for our community Sukkot celebration!



A Letter from Rabbi Ariel, Co-teacher Morgan Rich, and Education Committee Chairs Aron Borok and Lissa Feldman for Hevra 5773

Shir Tikvah’s way for post-bar/bat mitzvah students to continue to learn how to be and do Jewish in the world

 You Count: the Importance of Showing Up

According to Jewish tradition, a child does not count in the minyan; children can’t understand the importance of showing up.

The ritual of bat/bar mitzvah recognizes the moment when all that changes. When you read from the Torah before the congregation, or even if you never had a ceremony to mark your ethical maturation, Jewish tradition declares that from now on, you are old enough to know what counts: in the minyan, which stands for the Jewish community at large, and, by extension, in the community of your world.

You count. Even if you never again choose to read Torah, from now on, whether or not you show up matters.

You count. You can help make a minyan, which requires ten Jews; you can help make the group big enough to do the mitzvah of feeding the hungry, celebrating a simkha, or gathering around a mourner to offer comfort.

From the time you are thirteen, as far as Judaism is concerned, you are part of what makes us the Jewish people.

You count.

This year we will be exploring the specific ways in which each Jew is needed to Show Up, for your friends and family, for your Jewish community, and for the world.

To make it easier for you to fulfill your commitment to showing up, the Hevra calendar (link above) is very regular. You’ll never wonder when we’re getting together to learn, to discuss and to do – it’s either a 2nd Shabbat at noon, a 3rd Motza’ey Shabbat (end of Shabbat) at night, or a Jewish holy day. You’ll see some special *show up* dates noted where you’ll demonstrate what you’re learning about the importance of showing up.

Let’s get started, there’s a lot to learn and to do. Make the choice to commit to showing up, get registered ( Hevra Registration 5773), and join us! Early registration discount available until the beginning of Elul, August 19.


Rabbi Ariel Stone, Director of Education, Hevra co-teacher            

Morgan Rich, Hevra 5773 co-teacher

Lissa Feldman, Education committee co-chair

Aron Borok, Education committee co-chair

Hevra Students Get All Wrapped Up in the 5770 Lag BaOmer Celebration

Lag BaOmer 5770

Opportunity to Study in Israel!

Each summer, a group of outstanding Jewish teenagers in the U.S. and Canada, coming from a wide variety of backgrounds and entering the twelfth grade, will be recipients of the Bronfman Youth Fellowships. They will spend five fulfilling weeks of study, dialogue and travel in Israel.

For more information, click here : Bronfman Youth Fellowships (link)

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