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Song of Miriam 2013

Lisa Morasch Selected for the 2013 Song of Miriam Award

Lisa Morasch is a pillar of Congregation Shir Tikvah’s existence. As one of our earliest members, she immediately stepped forward to help build the congregation. Lisa does not wait to be asked; she offers to help, and often helps without anyone knowing about it. She leads by example, in her fulfillment of both formal and informal mitzvot.

Formally, Lisa has served on our Finance Committee, helping to guard our resources, and as Secretary, Vice Chair and finally Co-Chair of our Steering Committee. With her gift for strategic planning, she shepherded our current growth path. She’s there at our social justice projects, and her home is open to host a Rosh Hodesh gathering, a teenage Hevra movie night, or a Shabbat At Home evening.

Informally, always, Lisa is a shining role model for us. Need a ride to the doctor or a hallah for Shabbat, a consoling visit to a sickbed or a place for Seder? Lisa will take care of you. She understands the Jewish art of filling a space with family, gracefully.  When Shir Tikvah is in need, you will find her, and when you can’t find her, she’s doing a mitzvah for someone, quietly, effectively, and compassionately.

Lisa Morasch is the embodiment of gemilut hasadim, the practice of lovingkindness, and we are proud to celebrate her as Shir Tikvah’s Song of Miriam honoree for 5773.

Please join Shir Tikvah in honoring Lisa at the Song of Miriam Award Brunch on Sunday, June 2 from 10 am to 12:15 pm at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center. Registration for the brunch is open now, and the cost will be $22. Click here for the form. If you are planning to attend, please let Anne Whitaker know.



Here are the criteria for the award sent by the Board of the Jewish Women’s Round Table:  “Your criteria for selecting an honoree could include the extent of their contribution to the community; their creativity; their length of service; their exceptional cooperative efforts within the community; the impact of their work on others; and/or their ability to inspire others to action.


The Song of Miriam Selection Committee is made up of Shir Tikvah women members who have previously been Song of Miriam Honorees.

Miriam Levitt (Shir Tikvah)

Caroline Bailey (honoree of National Council of Jewish Women)
Leslie Dolin (Shir Tikvah)
Paula Froh (Eastside Jewish Community of Portland)
Ellen Green (Shir Tikvah)
Elaine Israel (Jewish Federation Young Women’s Division)
Flori Hall (Shir Tikvah)
Betsy Kauffman (P’nai Or)
Jennifer Klump (Eastside Jewish Community of Portland)
Dale Schwartz (Eastside Jewish Community of Portland)
Joyce Shields (Shir Tikvah)
Anne Whitaker (Shir Tikvah)