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Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is dependent on learning, learning, and more learning – life-long Torah learning. At Shir Tikvah we’re always ready to learn something more;
learning leads to understanding, and the best kind of doing.

Here are some websites to explore as you continue along your own spiritual path:

The Mussar Institute promotes spiritual growth through learning and practice of the teachings of Mussar, especially through Jewish
education via distance learning. Mussar is an ancient Jewish tradition dedicated to the cultivation of the qualities of the soul. has become the world’s largest Jewish content website. Their goal is to give every Jew the opportunity to discover their heritage in an atmosphere of open inquiry and mutual respect. Check out their listings about spirituality here: is a division of the Chabad-Lubavitch Media Center. This is a link to their listings on spirituality:

Review of Seek My Face: A Jewish Mystical Theology by Arthur Green:

Yerusha: A Website for Older Childless Jews:

Opportunity for Spiritual Direction 12/10: opportunity-for-spiritual-direction file (file)