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Thank you for your interest in Shir Tikvah , a liberal, inclusive, independent congregation focused on Torah-centered education. We invite you to live Judaism with us through study, prayer, music, and acts of social justice, with the guidance of Rabbi Ariel Stone.

We are a young (10-year old), intimate (140-family) shul that can defy categorization. (The Portland Jewish Review recently called us “post-denominational.”) Discover Shir Tikvah for yourself: daven with us Friday evenings and Saturday mornings at our Bridgeport sanctuary in Northeast Portland or attend the popular weekly Torah study prior to the Saturday morning service. Our formal education programs are open to members, but you can arrange a visit during the school year.

Check our calendar and learn lots more starting from our home page. For more personalized information, please call 503-473-8227 or email .

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Our Torah Study group is a dedicated bunch of learners. Read about this ongoing event here.

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