One of the best purchases that you will ever make, especially if you live in a very warm climate is an air conditioner that you can turn on every day. You should be able to do this, and within a few minutes, start feeling the temperatures come down. Unfortunately, not everyone has an air conditioner that is functioning properly. There can always be difficulties. Let’s take a look at some of the problems that an AC unit can develop, and how you will be able to potentially fix them.

Low Levels Of Refrigerant

This problem typically occurs when you have a problem with a leak that has developed. It has gradually allowed the coolant to come out of the reservoir. This is what is necessary for the air that is being processed to take warm or hot air, and make it cold, and this will need to be replaced. The AC technician will be able to identify where this is located, and add the necessary refrigerant.

Faulty Wiring

This could be one of two things. First of all, it could be an internal problem where you have faulty wiring in between components. Second, you can have a problem with your circuit breaker. That would be something to either replace, or simply reset. The AC repair company will provide you with an evaluation of what is happening, and if they do find a problem with your wiring, they will fix it right away. One of those problems leads directly into another major problem which is the outside fan not working.

The Outside Fan Is Not Functioning

The purpose of this fan is to send the heat from inside of your house to the outside. If it’s not working, there is not going to be any heat transference. It could also cause damage to your compressor, causing the entire system to fail. It’s actually one of the first things they will check just to make sure the fans are working. Once they have checked that, and if that is working fine, they will have one last thing to look at.

The Coil Is Frozen

Part of the problem has to do with filthy air filters. This can prevent the obstruction of air, but it can also be low amounts of refrigerant. They will check both of these issues that they noticed that the coil is indeed frozen, and if it is, they will identify the problem and then replace the coil if necessary.

Once they have checked all of these different areas of your air conditioning unit, they should be able to identify what is wrong. It’s only going to take them a few minutes to determine what the problem is, do some troubleshooting, and then decide how to fix the problem. If it is so far gone that the repairs will be too costly, they will simply recommend that you get a new one. Use these tips to find the best AC company that can provide you with the best troubleshooting and repair services.